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Assorted Bunny Dolls - Petite La Petite

Assorted Bunny Dolls

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Even plush bunnies need a family – of plush bunnies! With our Assorted Bunny Dolls we have plush bunnies of various sizes from big ones to small ones. We have boy bunnies and girl bunnies, even mom bunnies and dad bunnies. Buy them all and make sure they’re all together as one happy bunny family!

  • Plush bunnies encased in soft and fuzzy cotton
  • Styled appropriately for both boys and girls
  • With a rope hoop at the top of the head for adorning the crib or bed with
  • Microfiber wool stuffing for extra softness
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors of clothing
Delivery time: 7-14 Days

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